• Date: May 26th 2009
  • Location: 411 Broadway, New York City
  • Artists: Karl Haendel
Photo courtesy of Art Production Fund
Photo courtesy of Art Production Fund

Press Release

Art Production Fund is pleased to announce the first public installation in New York by Los Angeles based artist Karl Haendel.

Haendel owns and individualizes the world of popular culture by re-drawing it in his own vision –cleverly manipulating scale, composition, and juxtaposition to uncannily transform ordinary images into witty perspectives on contemporary life.  His idea for a public installation -  a gigantic scribble on the side of a building -  brings this technique to the public in an entertaining and poignant way.  An anti heroic gesture with roots in street art, public mark making and a universal means of communication, Scribble takes a throw away motion to new heights.

"To put one of these scribbles on the side of a building of course engages a dialogue with graffiti and street art, and this became a central concern as well as an inspiration…My 'scribble' work, because its an anonymous mark and one that anybody could make, I hope will draw attention to the simple need to make a mark, and I hope it makes people think about gesture, pure expression, and the straightforward act of creation.  These are tendencies that I think are not only fundamental to art making, but to life in general, and are imperatives that most people I hope can relate to."                                                  

Karl Haendel, 2009


Concurrent with this piece is Haendel’s new show of drawings entitled: How To Have A Socially Responsible Orgasm And Other Life Lessons currently on view at Harris Lieberman Gallery,

89 Vandam Street, through June 20.

Art Production Fund (APF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to producing ambitious public art projects, reaching new audiences and expanding awareness through contemporary art. 

Co-Founders: Yvonne Force Villareal & Doreen Remen; Director: Casey Fremont

Project Patrons: This project was made possible with the generous support of Joshua Adler;  James Keith (JK) Brown & Eric Diefenbach; Colossal Media;  Pamela and Arthur Sanders, with their donation in memory of Emily Spiegel;  and Kimberly and Tord Stallvik.

APF would like to thank: The Laboz Family for donating the wall at 441 Broadway, and for their continuous support of APF LAB at Soho Mews. Soho Mews is a new residential condominium at 311 West Broadway designed by Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects. For more information go to:

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