• Date: June 01 - October 01, 2009
  • Location: The Standard Hotel, Hollywood & Downtown L.A.
  • Partner: The Standard Hotel
  • Artists: Kalup Linzy

Press Release

Kalup Linzy’s clever and unique voice lampoons and satirizes various forms of film & television such as Hollywood tearjerkers and soap operas. He deals with highly charged themes such as gender, sexuality, race, class, and popular culture. His takes on these issues are eloquently fused into his delightfully raunchy videos and performances “Conversations Wit De Churen,” “Diva in Distress” and “All My Churen.”

Multi-tasking as a writer, director, actor, and editor, his film approach recalls the early styles of John Waters, Andy Warhol, and George C. Wolfe. Using multi-layered characters and subplots that weave through the works, he constructs powerful critiques of the laws of romance and desire, family, and trust, truth and hypocrisy. He manages to go for the jugular with uproarious humor, while at the same time his keen sense of truth is unwaveringly present. We the viewers are forced to confront the ways we deal with out own yearnings and acknowledge the dirty little secrets that everyone knows.

-Whitfield Lovell

Kalup Linzy's Key to Our Heart & SweetBerry Sonnet will be projected onto the lobby walls of Downtown L.A.'s The Standard. The pieces raise questions of gender, sexuality, race, class and popular culture by mocking soap operas’ and Hollywood films’ storytelling conventions.