• Date: May 08 - 21, 2009
  • Location: APF Lab
  • Artists: Math Bass, Zackary Drucker, Dylan Mira, & Martha Windhal
Photo courtesy of Art Production Fund
Photo courtesy of Art Production Fund
Photo courtesy of Art Production Fund
Photo courtesy of Art Production Fund

Press Release


ARTISTS: Math Bass, Zackary Drucker, Dylan Mira & Martha Windhal

PRESENTED BY:  Artist Curated Projects Los Angeles

DATES May 8 – 21 2009

HOURS Thursday – Saturday 1-7



This show centers around the idea of collaboration.

The show includes a video by EMR, Extreme Mature Respect (Math Bass and Dylan Mira), a queer feminist collaboration. “We

trust magic and transpose the haunted image on simple landscapes 

created in the digital realm. We touch the beastial fantasy through 

the screen and manipulate the mundane with the secret.”

In this video, “EMR has created a sigil, a magic sex symbol abstracted from the words TRUST ME (NOT) TO HURT YOU that is spread across rituals of the beast. Discordant sound and psychic image imagine a cross formation, speak from the hole, say nothing. Untie the knot and let down the pony, somethings gonna soon.”

4 minutes 18 seconds

2008 EMR


A second collaborative piece, with Martha Windahl and Math Bass, is a sound piece titled Kathy Acker Head. “This reading of My Mother Demonology is pressed onto a single-track vinyl record.

It begins with the opening sentences:


“I'm in love with red.  I dream in red.

My nightmares are based in red. Red's the color of passion, of joy.  Red's the color of all the journeys which are interior, the color of the hidden flesh, of the depths and recesses of the unconscious.  Above all, red is the color of rage and violence.  – Kathy Acker

It ends with the climax.”


Zackary Drucker’s The Inability to Be Looked at and the Horror of Nothing to See, 2009, 18 min. is a live performance that takes form as a group meditation. Viewers are directed, by a disembodied voice, through a series of breathing exercises, new-age visions, and dark, dysphoric confessions, all the while being instructed to pluck out the hair from an androgynous, stripped body in the center of the gallery.


Artist Curated Projects was conceived of by Eve Fowler and Lucas Michael and it is an artist operated space in Los Angeles. Shows are curated by artists, with the intention of creating a shared space were artists can develop their curatorial ideas, show the work of their peers, while promoting, engaging in dialogue and creating connections among practicing artists.  ACP shows a diverse group of emerging and yet-to-emerge artists.  It is also our intention to support underrepresented artists whose work and/or practice is affected and effected by issues of gender, race and sexuality.


Presently the exhibition space is in a small Hollywood bungalow where one of the founding artists currently resides. Artist Curated Projects also occurs in other artists homes.


Previous shows have been curated by Jeff Ono, Alexandro Segade,  Pearl Hsiung, Anna Sew Hoy, Rico Gatson and Ellie Murphy.


For more information about current and previous exhibitions, please go to our web site,



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