• Date: June 30, 2011
  • Location: The Standard Hotel, Hollywood
  • Partner: The Standard Hotel, Hollywood
  • Artists: Chris Dorland
Film still
Film still
Film still

Press Release

Restoration Hardware is the first presentation of Chris Dorland’s work in video. The piece, which takes its title from the home furnishings store of the same name, depicts a humorous and dark vision of the world of advertising and consumption.  Inspired by industrial videos often used for internal purposes by corporations, the artist collages low-res found footage and stock photography culled from the Internet. The result is a hypnotic sequence of images that, seen together, create a paranoid and chilling post-human landscape of manufactured desire. The soundtrack (scored by Leon Louder) parodies the generic but uplifting techno New-Age music found in commercials, on airplanes and in other public spaces.

The piece is on display at the Standard Hotel, Hollywood.

Chris Dorland (b.1978, Montreal Canada) is a painter and video artist based in NYC. His work addresses the complex relationship between consumer culture and the concepts of Progress and Utopia. Appropriating imagery from the history of architecture, film and advertising, Dorland’s is a dystopian hallucination of the modern landscape- marked as much by decay and deterioration as by an absurd fetishism of the machine.