• Date: April 15 - May 09, 2015
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV
  • Partner: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
  • Artists: Stephanie Hirsch

Press Release



April 15 – May 9, 2015
Hours: Wednesday – Sunday | 6 – 11PM

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, in partnership with Art Production Fund, is pleased to announce P3Studio artist-in-residence Stephanie Hirsch. A self-described spiritual anthropologist, Hirsch believes there is power in our words that help channel the energy and truth we hold within. Hirsch will use her residency in P3Studio to help guests explore how personal energies, dark and light, manifest themselves in the world—visually as well as through written and spoken words—and how belief can be used as a force for change.

Entitled #LIGHTSEEKER, Hirsch’s project will create an aesthetically-charged and limitless environment where the transformative and potentially healing powers of the declarations “I CREATE” and “I CONQUER” come to life. Hirsch will use white, symbolizing all the things we want in life, and black, symbolizing the fears, worries and doubts we want to release and conquer, throughout the studio to signify the duality we hold within ourselves.

A white wall will read “Create” and a black wall “Conquer” while a meditation space will be filled with black and white bean bags featuring the words “Conquer” and “Create,” respectively, where guests can lounge and contemplate. Guests will be encouraged to write down their thoughts on “Create” and/or “Conquer” bumper stickers and stick them on the corresponding wall. Guests are then encouraged to take balloons. After they are done they pop the balloon which causes the guest to be startled (fear) and release (light). Through this symbolic act, Hirsch hopes guests will release themselves of self-imposed limits, take charge of their reality and make room for more hope, light and positive energy within themselves. For those who choose to sit and simply read the declarations of others, Hirsch believes they too will feel a sense of release and lightness of spirit, purely by association. Finally, guests are encouraged to share their declarations via social media shares of pictures and thoughts with the accompanying hashtag #LIGHTSEEKER.

Hirsch is an artist and designer who has become known for her illuminated words of enlightenment and hope. Her simple text and quips often cause the viewer to question their moral standings and beliefs while taking in a backdrop of images that are both foreign and familiar. Hirsch’s work has been shown in exhibitions in New York, the Hamptons, Miami and San Francisco.

The artist-in-residence program at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas represents one component of its larger art program, in which artists create projects that are interactive and participatory, giving guests the opportunity to connect at an authentic and personal level. Developed and curated in partnership with Art Production Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to producing ambitious public art projects, it strives to reach new audiences and expand awareness through contemporary art.

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