• Date: March 29 - April 26, 2020
  • Partner: Rockefeller Center
  • Artists: Lucy Sparrow, Ryan Flores, Portia Munson, Vanessa German, Angelica Hicks, Lakela Brown

Press Release

Art Production Fund & Rockefeller Center present a series of online art-making workshops!

Lucy Sparrow: Create your own felt strawberry at home with Lucy Sparrow! More digital workshops by incredible artists to come every Sunday!

Ryan Flores: Based on the traditional format of the "still life", Ryan will lead you to assess a work of art and recreate it by looking at its composition, colors, and textures. All using only the materials available at their home!

Portia Munson: Make your own mandala out of household and recycled objects with artist Porta Munson. This workshop combines two of Munson's art practices: collecting, sorting and organizing found plastic objects, and creating circular flower mandalas. Together viewers will build mandalas out of common and recycled objects, transforming these objects into temporary works of art.

Vanessa German: Adventures in Powerfigure Making! Make Fun, Extraordinary Things out of Everyday, Ordinary Things. Right from your living room, with things that you already have, make a small mixed-media sculpture with artist Vanessa German.

Angelica Hicks: HANDS ON PAPIER MACHÉ! Using household staples, learn to make a papier mache "helping hand" with Angelica Hicks. All it requires is flour, water, a disposable glove and either paper towels or newspaper. Cardboard tube roll optional! 

Lakela Brown: Create homemade flour-based play dough with food coloring with sculpture artist, LaKela Brown. Use flatware to shape and create fun little creatures with dough, while practicing with dexterity and color coordination.


Adventures in Powerfigure Making with Vanessa German

Homemade Play Dough with LaKela Brown

Hands on Paper Mache with Angelica Hicks

Lucy Sparrow Felt Workshop

Create a #StayLife with artist Ryan Flores

Table Top Mandalas with Portia Munson


Image description
Music, Theater and More to Experience at Home This Weekend
April 23 2020
Clementine, the resourceful heroine of a new puppet show, escapes from her cramped city apartment to a fun-filled Rockefeller Center just by wishing. Right now, many young New Yorkers would probably like to join her. Teleporting isn’t likely, but they can enjoy the next-best thing: a virtual Rockefeller Center festival with Clementine and lots of company.
That event is Spring Sunday, a series featuring art making, music, puppetry and other activities. The programs, which would normally happen on the center’s plaza, have taken place every week since March 29 on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. (Many of the segments remain online.)
At 11 a.m. on Sunday, the series will post its final videos. Artists from the Art Production Fund are leading two projects: Angelica Hicks will teach how to sculpt papier-mâché “helping hands,” and LaKela Brown will show how to fashion whimsical creatures from flour-based clay. Paper Source has planned a printmaking workshop using stamps cut from recycled cardboard, and the Shop at NBC Studios will help little painters recreate the network’s peacock symbol.